This short article aims to make a scientific suggestion: "the necessity to establish and develop a new knowledge called Philosophy of Religious Knowledge". In order for this suggestion to be well explained and the objective of this article well met, a good number of issues are needed to be discussed, even if briefly:
1- Meanings of "Religious Knowledge", "Logic of Religious Understanding", and "Philosophy of Religious Knowledge"
2- Explanation of the backgrounds and necessities of the establishment and the development of the Philosophy of Religious Knowledge, and the explanation of the valuable results of this knowledge in the domain of researches on religion
3- Structure of the discussions and problems of the Philosophy of Religious Knowledge
Now, we come to the above said items in more details Continue

"Issues of philosophy of religion" are among long-lasting concerns of thinking man; since both religion and reason are permanent associates of human being. Issues discussed in this discipline are among the most lasting ones in Islamic (and in particular Shi‘i) philosophy and kalam as well. The philosophy of religion as a chapter in philosophy or as an independent discipline like other "philosophies of", as a sort of metaphysical, or epistemological inquiry or as a branch of "study of religion" is not so old, and the birth of this discipline dates back to the Renaissance in Europe; and before the last two centuries there was no work in this field and with this name known; though now thousands works have been published in the field of philosophy of religion in the West Continue

The present article is an attempt to discuss three kinds or three stages of globalization: Prophetic globalizing; philosophers globalizing; and authoritative globalizing.
Although globalization or globalizing are normally discussed within the framework of such disciplines as political sociology, international relations, sociology of technology, etc., the present article is an attempt to study this issue from a philosophic, intellectual aspect. The present article concludes that authoritative globalizing is impossible, while on the basis of the theory and philosophy of awaiting (expectation), a scared globalization is doomed to happen. Finally attempts have been made to depict a picture of the sacred end of history by enumerating twenty indices of the "development and evolution of mans life in the period of expectation". Continue